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Animal Nail Art

animal nail art

Do you have a favorite animal? If yes, then take a look below and hopefully you will find a custom nail art design based on that animal. If we have yet to do a design for your favorite animal, please send us a nail art request and we will do our best to create one. We are working hard to fill this nail art category with designs of dogs, cats, birds, fish, reptiles, and any thing else that fits in the animal kingdom.

Why did we create a nail art category just for animals? Because some of the cutest nail art designs are those based on animals. We love doing animal nail art! In fact, we love it so much that January 2013’s nail art theme was animals.

If you have any animal designs that you have done yourself and would like to share them with us, please visit our Facebook page and upload your animal nails there. We are really good at commenting quickly and look forward to seeing your designs!

Animal Nail Art

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