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Dog Paw Nail Art

Dog Paw Nail Art

This nail art design is for all the dog lovers out there. The design is extremely easy to do. All you need is nail polish and a dotting tool to complete the look. If you do not have professional dotting tools, you can always create a DIY dotting tool as well. This can be done by using a ball point pen, a toothpick, a bobby pin, or even a mechanical pencil.

I decided on this particular design because of its simplicity and because it represents dogs really well. After doing this dog nail art design I am already itching to come up with another one even though I am more of a cat person myself. I think my next set of dog nails will be of a dog's face with some big puppy eyes! :)

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I hope you enjoy this dog print nail art and if you want to see more of my animal nail designs please visit our animal nail art category and you will find all of my animal nail videos listed there.

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