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4th of July Nails

July 2, 2012

It is time to celebrate the 4th of July with a set of cute red, white, and blue nails!

Video Tutorial: Scroll down to watch!


4th of july nails

A great way to show your patriotism on the 4th of July is to go and get some 4th of July nails! If you do it before the fourth, you will remind everyone who admires your nails that the fourth is coming up.

Jocelyn, one of our nail art bloggers, has provided you with this special 4th of July nails tutorial. It walks you through each step in creating a set of beautiful nails for the 4th.

4th of July Nails Tutorial



4th of July Nails Steps

This nail art was done using shellac, glitter, and sally hansen polish. If you do not have shellac, then you can substitute it with polish.

  1. Apply a thin coat of shellac base coat. Remember to make it thin.
  2. Cure the polish for 10 seconds.
  3. Apply a thin coat of color shellac. (1 layer)
  4. Cover all the nails with glitter.
  5. Tab the remained glitter off the nails.
  6. Cure these nails for 2 minutes in a UV lamp.
  7. Remove any excess glitter with a used toothbrush.
  8. Apply the shellac top coat and cure for 2 minutes.
  9. Use 99% isopropyl alcohol to remove the sticky layer left over.
  10. Use a white nail art brush to create the stripes representing the U.S. flag.
  11. Use a nail dotting tool to create white stars on the blue accent nails.
  12. Protect the nail art by applying a layer of top coat.


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