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Who is Polishpedia? “A website that is dedicated to becoming the #1 resource for nail art videos, pictures, & ideas!

Currently we, our company, consists of two people, a husband and wife duo.

Jocelyn: (Wife, Amazing Nail Artist, Nail Fanatic, Socialite, & the Pretty One)

I have the best job in the world. I get to do nail art and teach other women how to do their own nail art!

Garret: (Husband, Web Designer, Coding Specialist, Business Man, Videographer)

Hi! I would like to officially welcome you to our “very masculine site” ha! This site was inspired by my lovely wife Jocelyn. Without her we would not have all of our amazing nail art designs. All of the web design, seo, and technical work is being done by eWebify, my company.

My job here at Polishpedia is to make sure everything is running correctly. I deal with website upgrades, coding, design…blah blah blah. That is what Jocelyn hears when I start talking about that too.

Contact Us

One of the easiest ways to contact us is by commenting on any of our nail art posts. Other ways to contact us are through our social networks or by sending us an email at We can’t wait to hear from you!

What does have to offer?

We know that people can find nail art in other places on the web. Many people find it on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Tumblr…etc. The problem is that it is usually unorganized. That is where we come in. offers an organized “polishpedia” of polish designs.

How do we organize nail art?

1st: We only do and post quality nail art. So our first strategy of organization is to make sure that all of our nail art is good quality. We want to save you time by giving you the best!

2nd: Some people love to watch nail art videos and some people love to look at nail art pictures. We have two different main categories for both.

3rd: There are thousands and thousands of different types of nail art & different combinations of colors that can be used. Our mission here is to give you general nail art categories which then break down into more specific sub-categories.

For example, we have a category for all the nail art that is holiday themed. But let’s say you only want Christmas nail art. To find it you simply go to your nail art videos or nail art pictures category. Within that category will be located the subcategory for holiday nail art and within that category you will find the Christmas nail art sub-subcategory.

What are some of our latest features?

Whenever we create a new nail art video you, our viewers, want to know what polish we used. We have recently launched a new feature in the sidebar of each nail art video. It will show the polish and products that we used to create that specific design. Not only that but you can click on the products and it will take you to a description page. Our users have really enjoyed this and appreciate how easy it is.

What is Polishpedia’s future looking like?

It is looking really good! We have some neat ideas in motion here at We look forward to introducing them to all of you but first, we need to test them and make sure they are the best ideas. Remember our first strategy for organization? Only do and post the best. From Polishpedia you can always expect the best.

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