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Owl Nail Art

Owl Nail Art

I am a huge lover of animals. If you are too, then the month of January here on is just for you. We have decided to dedicate this month to a specific theme and it is animals. So gear up and expect even more cute animal nail art from me this month!

Yesterday I did my very own rubber ducky nail art design which I absolutely adore and found out that others did too. One fan mentioned that the design would be perfect for a baby shower. It would be!

Today I decided on a set of owl nails. I really like how this owl nail art design turned out. The inspiration came from a variety of sources.

Owl Nail Art Inspired By...

1st: The other day, well actually during the Christmas holiday, I was walking around a lake with my family when we heard an owl hooting in the trees. He or she was hooting a lot and we couldn't help but notice the reason. Around the owl were many crows and they were diving and pecking at this poor owl. I wanted so desperately to be able to rid the owl of these annoying birds. We sat and watched and wished the crows away but to no avail. Finally we left. This brave owl inspired, in part, these owl nails.

2nd: I know that I am not unique in creating an owl nail art design. In fact, there are many other nail artist out there that long ago were inspired to create their very own owl nails. I would like to thank them for doing so. When designing this I didn't actually look at anybody else's designs for the inspiration but I can't help but give credit to everyone who has ever created their own owl nail design. I think that almost every time I create a nail art design my mind sub-consciously uses designs I have previously seen. So thank you fellow nail artists for being part of my inspiration!


~Jocelyn (Nail Artist @ Polishpedia)

2 Responses to Owl Nail Art

  1. Lauren on September 26, 2013 at 10:33 am

    Very nice.

    But can I just say it absolutely drives me NUTS when people feel they have to give some kind of general credit like you did in #2. OF COURSE it’s not 100% unique and original. NOTHING IS by that standard. But unless you literally copied a famous work of art, stop being apologetic that your work isn’t the most 100% original thing ever created. Don’t pander to the idiots who troll others saying “LOL that’s not original I saw [insert other person] do it the other day! IDIOT”. Those guys are just morons and/or trolls who just try to make you feel bad for doing something you love.

    So enjoy your art and don’t be sorry about it!

  2. abhijit washimbekar on June 28, 2013 at 6:28 am

    Nice 1

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