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French Tip Nails

french nailsFrench nails are possibly one of the most popular nail art designs around. With over 5,000 years behind them, french manicures or french nails aren’t going anywhere. Women have loved them, women love them, and women will continue to love them. Why? Because they simply enhance the natural beauty of a woman’s nails.

Let us explain. Without any make-up, nail polish, or amazing clothes the body is still very beautiful in and of itself. The french nail was first used and is still used to look like the natural nail but more perfect. That is why the tip is white and the base is nude.

Women love french tip nails because they look like their natural nails but a little bit more perfect.

French Tip Nail Designs

We have created this category of nail art for you so that it is easy to find all of the designs here on Polishpedia that have french tips. We will always be adding to this list as we feature and do more french nails.

French Nails

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