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Background Info:

Ten years ago, when I was about four years old, I took Ballet Lessons. On the night of our show, everyone adored my little blue slippers that I bought in downtown Manhattan. After we finished our performance, we began to walk off stage. Not me, just before the curtains were about to close, I ran back to center stage and threw kisses at the audience as they gave me a standing ovation for being so silly. Today, I present to you a Nail Design I created on behalf of my little blue slippers from that night.


Tutorial for a cute and classic French tip design with the accent nail as a ballerina slipper. Elegant, Creative and Unique! Express your love of the dance art through Nail Art!

Products Used:

Sally Hansen's Golden I, Maybelline Color Show's Mint Mist, Color Club's Take the Stage(How Ironic!), a dotting tool, and a striper.

(That is me during the photos we all had taken a week before the show. Sadly I hadn't bought my blue slippers in time for the photos!)


1) Paint the tips of your nails a light blue color using Maybelline Color Show's Mint Mist. On the thumb, paint the tips in a chevron like manner.
2) Outline the tips with a gold color, like Sally Hansen's Golden-I.
3) Now take Color Club's Take the Stage Nail Polish or any glitter based lacquer and pick up the glitter with a dotting tool.
4) Make a dot on the left portion of your nail tips using the glitter.
5) On your thumb, make an X with the light blue nail polish for Ballerina Slipper Laces. Outline the laces with a gold nail color like you did for the tips.
6) Add a top coat and enjoy the design!

step by step ballerina slippers

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