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Background Info:

Last week, on July 16th, 2013, God took back one his angels. Talia Joy Castellano, one of several thousand cancer patients had died. She was an amazing makeup artist and role model. We had so much hope that she would live longer than expected. Talia is now up in heaven, doing all of the angels makeup and her memory will live on forever. She has truly earned her wings. For more information, visit Talia's Facebook Page.

To donate in honor of Talia Castellano please do so here. Condolences to Talia's family, friends, and fans.


A very cute french tip design with a leopard accent. A nail design dedicated to the amazing Talia Joy Castellano,(even though she was more fond of Stiletto nails), may she rest in everlasting peace :) <3 <3 <3

Products used:

Products Used Talia Joy Nails

Trendy by Revlon, a Silver striper by Kiss, and Black and White Nail Polish by Sally Hansen.


1) Apply a base coat, preferably one that makes your nails grow, like the D.I.Y. Nail Growth Base Coat with Biotin.

2) Paint the tips of your nails a white color and outline them with a silver colored nail striper.

3) Using the end of a nail shovel(showed in the picture), make several grotesque dots on the tip of your accent nails(the thumb and ring finger).

 4) To give the illusion of a leopard pattern, outline the dots in the form of sickle cells. Some may be outlined with two "sickle cells", others only one. The important thing is that the lines must never touch and there can be one or two random block dots to make the leopard pattern more realistic. Add a top coat and your done :)

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  1. Gail Anderson on August 30, 2013 at 9:08 pm

    God Bless Talia, she was such a beautiful person and I’ve been watching her on YouTube for months.

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