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"X" Ombre Nails Tutorial

Do to a request of more Nail Tape Art, here it is :)

1) First I rubbed cuticle oil on my fingernails, and then I added a base coat. Next, I painted two coats of Maybelline Color Show's "Go Go Green" nail polish.

2) I start off the design by beginning to do an ombre design. Cut out a small triangle from a make up sponge, and hold it with tweezers.

3) Then apply Revlon's "Trendy" nail polish on the sponge and dab it onto the nail from the middle up.

4) Next, I flipped my sponge and held it with the tweezers again. I applied on NYX's Indigo Blue on to the sponge, and dabbed the sponge onto the very tip of my nail.

Keep in mind this is my personal method for doing Ombre, when trying out this design, if you find this difficult, check out Jocelyn's tutorial video on how to do Ombre nails.

5A) Now that I've finished doing my Ombre design, I took my black nail tape and held it beside my nail with my thumb as I stretched the tape across my nail with my left hand. It is okay if the tape overlaps the nails and sticks off to the side, just make sure it is pressed against the nail firmly and will not pop up.

5B) Repeat Step 4, except now, you are placing the tape in the opposite direction, making an "X" shape. Do this this procedure to all of your nails.

6) Apply a top coat over your nails, do not trim the nail tape yet.

7) Using Wet n Wild's "Ebony Hates Chris", paint two coats of the black nail polish on your ring finger and thumb finger over the tape.

8) When the black nail polish is almost done drying, remove the tape slowly and carefully. Apply a top coat.

9) Now that your top coats have dried, feel free to trim the excess nail tape with nail clippers or cuticle nippers.

10) Apply a second top coat for security and to prevent nail tape peeling.

IMG_0513 Step 1

IMG_0516.jpeg Step 2

IMG_0514 Step 3 & 4

IMG_0469 Step 5

IMG_0471 Step 6

IMG_0472 Step 7

IMG_0476 Step 8

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