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Ugly Christmas Sweater Nail Art

Ugly Christmas Sweater Nail Art

If you have ever been to an ugly Christmas sweater party, then you know that ugly Christmas sweaters come in all colors, styles, and ugliness. Believe me, they can get really hideous. In fact I have started to wonder if makers of ugly Christmas sweaters have their own competitions for who can make the ugliest Christmas sweater.

Unlike Ugly Christmas sweaters, ugly Christmas sweater nail art is actually not ugly at all. When I first started seeing the new ugly Christmas sweater nail art trend popping up, in the nail art community, I was delighted. It is such a fun design that takes a simple Christmas apparel and turns it into something so cute! The best thing about this new style of Christmas nail art is the fact that design possibilities are endless.

About My Ugly Christmas Sweater Nail Design

I thought long and hard about these nails. I wanted them to be unique and super cute. I hope I achieved both. I bet you can already guess what my favorite part is of my design. If you guessed the cat, then you are right!

Usually Christmas sweater nails feature a Christmas tree, reindeer, a snowman, snowflakes or other Christmas symbols. For me the cat is a reminder of Christmas, let me explain. Growing up I had this cat that loved being the center of attention. Whenever we were doing something he had to be in the middle of it, especially during Christmas.

I would wake up early Christmas morning and proceed to wake everyone else as well. Once we were all gathered around we would begin to open up Santa's presents to us. Right after we would begin we were sure to be visited by my lovely cat, Tux. He would sit on the wrapped presents, play with the wrapping paper, and desperately try to steal our attention away from all the gifts and gift giving. Because of this I knew that my Ugly Christmas Sweater Nail Art design would have to feature a cat! :) I love how they turned out.

Different Ways To Do Christmas Sweater Nails

Like I said before, there are so many design possibilities when it comes to this type of nail design. If you are ever having a hard time coming up with ideas, just go to google and search for ugly Christmas sweaters. You are bound to find many. Hopefully this will get your creative juices flowing. If not, here are some ideas that I came up with.

1st: You can change out my kitty cat with a reindeer, a snowman, a Christmas present, ornaments, a holly...I think you get the idea.

2nd: You don't have to just use red and white. Try out some more Christmas colors like green, blue, silver, and gold.

3rd: Add some Christmas lights to your ugly sweater nails.

I hope you enjoyed this Christmas sweater nail design and if you have any questions about how to do it, please let me know through the comment form below.

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