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About These Nails

When nail art is your "hobby" (or obsession), you can end up spending A LOT of money on nail polish and supplies. That's why I like to find things in craft stores and hobby shops for nail art; they tend to be cheaper. The best thing, though, is nail art you can create with household items.

This design is super simple. It's extremely messy but, if you don't mind a bit of cleanup, you end up with a really cool design.

What I Used

1. Pure Ice Alter Ego
2. Sally Hansen Silver Sweep
3. A plastic drinking straw
4. Seche Vite

I painted my nails with Alter Ego first. Then, on my work surface, I made a puddle of Silver Sweep. I dipped the end of the straw in the polish and blew into the other end, splattering the polish onto my nails. After some cleanup, I used Seche Vite for a shiny finish and to smooth everything out.

This design is very quick and almost everyone has straws at home. If not, the next time you get a drink from your favorite coffee shop of fast food joint, save your straw and give this design a try.

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