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Sochi Olympic Nail Art

2014 Olympic Nails

The olympics started last night and I loved watching the opening exercises. They were so neat and unique. Inspired by the amazing art, dancing, and talent in the opening olympics in Sochi I ended up doing this sochi olympic nail art design that night and love how they turned out.

The hardest parts of the design for me were figuring out how to do the star and writing Sochi 2014. After trying a couple of different ways to paint a star I finally came up with the one in the video. I hope you like the method I used because so far that is the easiest method I have found.

Details About This Design

This nail art is super easy to do. The only tools you need are dotting tools and a thin nail art brush. The nail polish colors were pretty basic as well which most likely means you don't have to make a run to the store to get new polish colors.

What Are Your Favorite Events in the Winter Olympics?

I would love to get some comments below about what everyone's favorite winter olympic events are. I know there are a bunch of really neat ones and it might be hard to choose.

My favorite event is definitely the ice skating. It is so beautiful to watch and absolutely impressive. I am always so impressed that they can move so well and so beautifully on the ice. I for one cannot. Ice and skates are not my best friends in the world.

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