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Snowman Nail Art

Snowman Nail Art

I cannot proclaim to be an expert at building a snowman. In fact I can honestly say that I haven't made very many snowmen out of snow but I have out of nail polish. Now don't take me as a girl who doesn't like having fun or getting her hands dirty. The fact is that I live in the South and we just don't get snow. So I am stuck with making my snowmen out of polish...which I really enjoy.

This snowman nail art turned out... a little different than I expected but it was a good different. As you may have noticed, this design requires a lot of dots which is the most time consuming part of it. To make your dotting experience more enjoyable make sure you have a good set of dotting tools. They truly are great to have as a nail artist!

There Are Countless Snowman Nails Out There

I wish I had the time to create videos of all the possible design variations for snowman nails but I just don't. This is just one out of many. I do hope to add some more snowman nail art to our pictures section of the site. Many of the nail art pictures that will be added this Christmas will in fact be coming from featured guest nail artists. I am always so happy to feature others nail art because we all help inspire each other to create new and unique nail art designs!

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