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Simple Christmas Tree Nail Design

Easy Christmas Tree Nail Design

Do you like easy nail art or more complicated and intricate nail art better? As you may have noticed I tend to lean toward easy nail art although at times I have taken the challenge to create a design that is more decorative and elaborate. Obviously the title of the nail art design tells you what think about. It was extremely easy to do. So if you are a beginner nail artist or are a more advanced and seasoned nail artist, you should have no problem recreating this look.

About This Simple Christmas Tree Design

I know that my first Christmas nail art design this year was also a Christmas tree nail design but I couldn't help but create yet another simple design for you. One of our goals with this site is to give you as much inspiration as possible so that you can create cute nail art designs for yourself.

Often times visitors and fans of Polishpedia ask where I get my inspiration for my designs. The most accurate answer to this questions is everywhere and in everything. That is the beauty of art itself, the artist has many mediums to draw from. This particular design was partially inspired by a fellow nail artist who I met on twitter and she was inspired to do a similar design from someone else. Sometimes that is how it works in the nail art community, we all inspire each other in some way or another.

About The Picture

Usually my pictures reflect the actual color of the polishes used really well. In this case the picture kind of changed how the color really looks on the nail. I always like to let you know if this ever happens so that you don't get confused on what certain polishes look like. The actual color gives you more of a pastel turquoise color and not so much of a vibrant almost neon like turquoise.

If you have any questions on how the Turquoise & Caicos Essie Nail Polish looks, just click the product image in the sidebar to the right. You will be taken to its page here on and there will be more videos that used this color on that page.

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