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Reverse Square French Manicure

Why The Reverse Square French Manicure?

Reverse Square French Manicure

Everybody has seen and most women have worn the classic french manicure but the same is not true with the reverse french manicure. I love the look of the reverse french manicure and decided to take it a step further with the reverse square french manicure. I think that this design is extremely chic yet classically beautiful.

This manicure, as seen in the video tutorial above, is extremely easy to do. That is one of the biggest appeals for me when decided to try this nail art. I really like nail art that looks amazing and doesn’t take very long to achieve.

To see the colors and products that I used in this nail art tutorial look to the sidebar to the right. I always try to include for you, nail art addicts, all of the products used in every nail art video or picture so that you can replicate the design.

P.S. If you have any questions regarding this reverse square french manicure, please use the comment form below. I will answer your questions as fast as possible.

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