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Polishpedia’s Guys Do Nail Art Too #2

I Had To Say Yes!

It is that time again where I am spending some time at my cousin's house and my boy cousins think they can do a better job at the voice overs than me. So I had to let them try. This is a laugh out loud nail art video that I hope brings a smile and some good laughs to everyone who watches it. Watch this and see what you think. Sorry I couldn't help but laugh my head off at one point. I have a really ugly laugh when I am trying to hold it in... The design is a simple Aztec Design done on my friend's nails that bites her nails. I did the design but it was very hard to do since she had very small nails. This is a good reason why you should never bite your nails!

Anyways, the products I used were: China Glaze Base Coat, China Glaze Top Coat, Kiss Nail Art Polish, China Glaze White on White Polish. If you don't have the Kiss Polishes then you can use a Thin Nail Art Brush .

Watch this video and I hope it brings a smile to your face like it has mine!

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