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Pink Glitter Nails

Pink Glitter Princess Nails

Pink Glitter Nails

Pink is just that classic girl color. I love wearing it and I think that every girl looks good in pink.

This design has been long in the making. Every since I did my gold glitter nails I have been wanting to do a completely pink glitter design! Let’s just say that I am super excited at how these pink nails turned out. After doing them I truly felt princessy.

All of the glitters and the micro-beads were purchased at a local craft store. They were pretty cheap and I have had them for awhile now, they seem to never run out.

Please use the form below to leave comments or if you have any questions regarding this pink glitter nails tutorial. Enjoy and make sure you send us pictures via twitter or facebook when you do this design. I love to see my designs repeated!!!

One Response to Pink Glitter Nails

  1. Tanya on April 2, 2015 at 11:54 am

    I like the nails!

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