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Peace Sign Nail Art


Peace Sign Nail Art Tutorial

Peace Sign Nail Art

Celebrity Wednesday

Yay! Today is my first celebrity inspired nail art. I have been excited to share this design with you for 2 weeks now.

I was browsing what celebrities have been wearing lately when I spotted an outfit that hit the tops news. Guess who was wearing it. If you thought Lady Gaga, then you are right. I am not sure of the exact date but it was around the 13 of August, 2012 when she arrived at an airport in Bulgaria. She was dressed in a fur coat, peace sign earrings, and a striped under garment. She was wearing more than this but these are the things that really inspired me.

Link to image of her outfit: Pinterest Image

I chose to focus on the peace sign earrings and the striped undergarment. Thanks to Lady Gaga I now have this peace sign nail art to share with you.

Now that you know how to do this peace sign nail design you have to do it on your own nails!

What would have you created based on her outfit?

I always love to see what others are inspired to do with nail art. Now that you have seen this design and her outfit what would you design?

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