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Neon Pink French Tip Nails


Hot Pink Nail Design

Neon Pink French Tip Nails

I have been wanting a nail design that was flashy and hot pink for awhile. This neon pink french tip nails design is what I came up with and I think it was just the design I have been wanting.

When I finally decided on french tips for my flashy hot pink nails I was kind of surprised. Why was it such a surprise? Because french tips are always so elegant. For example, I chose french tips for my wedding because they were so elegant. I guess I never thought french tips could be so much fun and not really elegant at all.

I hope you like this design and try it out on your own nails. I can’t wait to see what color combinations you come up with!

Have you ever tried out a design similar to this neon pink french tip nails design?

One Response to Neon Pink French Tip Nails

  1. Erin on September 29, 2012 at 12:29 pm

    That”s really cute… and edgy, I had a friend do a backwards version of this, the black on top, and the pink was closer to a glittery red, oh and she put a paw print on her thumb….looked really good, and I like the idea of a smaller tip… and “tips” on getting the tip to be so polished looking (like kinda straight)

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