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About My Needle Marbled Nails

Some of the most interesting nail art designs (in my opinion) are marbled nails. There are several different marbling techniques out there. One very quick and simple technique is needle marbling. Other than your nail polish you literally just need a pin or needle.  I just use a safety pin.

The colors I used are all Julep polishes; Niecy (pink), Robin (blue), and Rebel (silver holographic). The steps are simple. I pained two thin coats of my base color. (You could use the same base color on all of your nails or switch them  up for an accent nail. I did two accent nails.) On to the marbling! Take your base color and add a thick coat of polish. There are two ways to do the marbling. You could add small dots of a contrasting color to the nail and swirl it with your needle. I like to dip the needle in the polish and then swirl it through the polish on my nail. That's it! Swirl as much or as little as you like until you have the effect you want!

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