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How To Remove OPI Gelcolor


How To Remove OPI Gelcolor

How To Remove OPI Gelcolor

Every woman knows that beauty is pain when it comes to artificial nails. As much as we love how they make our nails look stunning we also hate the removal process. It is long and for many it is painful. I know the pain of getting artificial nails removed and I think that is why I love Gelcolor and similar hybrid polish products. The removal process is absolutely painless and it is quick and easy.

I put together this how to remove OPI Gelcolor tutorial so that you can know how easy the removal process is as well. If you need to remove your own Gelcolor manicure, please do not peel them off. Peeling your Gelcolor manicure off can damage your nails. Peeling them off is also harder than the proper method.

I hope that this Gelcolor removal video helps you and if you have any questions regarding remvoing Gelcolor by OPI, please let me know.

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