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Hi! So I saw this in the ad of the Sally Hansen I Heart Nail Art Contest and decided to re-create it! Graffiti tends to messy and hard to understand, kind of like this design! This specific nail art design is very time consuming, so patience is your best friend here! Enjoy!

Glitter Nail Art Steps:

1. Rub cuticle oil on your bare nails and then apply a base coat. Now apply two coats of Sally Hansen's White On.
2. Apply striping tape vertically. Then paint half of your nails a black color. Just half of your nails.
3. Using Sally Hansen's Black Nail Art Pen(A Dotting Tool would work as well!), I scribbled words above my black stripes. (Graffiti by pen on walls)
4. On my Ring and Thumb fingers, I dropped globs of Sally Hansen's Mellow Yellow and let it dry. I repeated this process on my index, middle, and pinkie fingers except with Revlon's Make Mine Mango.
5. Using the Black Nail Art Pen, I outlined shapes and lines on my globs, giving the illusion of spray painted graffiti.
6. Apply a top coat and you're done! :)

graffitii nail art step by step

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