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Glitter Pieces French Tip

Glitter Pieces French Tip Nail Art Tutorial

Love the timeless look of a French tip but want a way to jazz it up? Try this classy look with a glitzy twist of glitter.

You will need:

Large pieces of glitter

Thin nail art brush

Base and top coat

Your favorite polish color

Follow these simple steps to create this timeless look with a twist.

1) Clean off all your nails and apply a clear base coat. Now apply two coats of the polish color of your choice to your nails.

2) Now sprinkle glitter on a piece of paper and moisten a thin nail art brush with some water.

3) With your thin wet nail art brush, lightly touch the tip onto a single speck of glitter and place it on the tip your nail. Carefully press the glitter into your nail with your finger or the handle of your brush.

4) Leave about a half of the width of a glitter piece between each speck of glitter and repeat until it's reached all the way across your nail. Apply one more row on top of that allow the second row to fall in the gaps of the first row. Finish with a top coat and that is it!

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