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Gelish Nails

Gelish Nails are there for you when you need a flawless 2 week manicure! Nail Harmony has done it again by providing women with this quick and easy new UV Manicure. No longer do you have deal with the pain and damage of acrylic nails. Now you can have Gelish Nails!

Gelish Nails last up to 2 weeks. For 2 weeks you can have a flawless manicure that is hard and doesn’t scratch or break. Every 2 weeks you get to choose from 72 Gelish Colors. With this many Gelish Nail Polish options you will never get bored of the colors.

The Gelish Removal process is extremely easy and non damaging. No more worring about damaging your nails when going to the salon. Gelish Nails do not damage the natural nail.

Take Gelish Nails up on their 2 week flawless manicure promise. You won’t regret it!

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