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Gelish Nail Art

Nail art comes in all types of designs and varieties and it is no different with Gelish nail art.

If you have specific nail art that you would like to see, then please leave a comment at the bottom of this page. The professionals will do their best to provide a nail art guide to do your nail art request using Gelish.

Gelish Nail Art Tutorials

Here we are going to share some basic Gelish nail art tutorials provided by professional nail technicians from different locations. With each tutorial you will get a unique style that will hopefully inspire your nail art designs or help you know what type of Gelish nail art to get on your next salon visit.


Below are some pictures of Gelish Nail Art. Gelish nail designs is accomplished just like doing a nail design with almost any type of nail service. One of the main difference is that there is zero dry time. This helps nail technicians because they do not have to worry about the nail art smearing or getting ruined.

Another way to do nail art with Gelish is to apply gelish nails and after the process is complete do nail art with regular polish. During the two weeks the nail art can be changed by simply wiping the nail polish off and reapplying the nail polish nail art.

Gelish Nail Art   gelish-nail-art-diamonds   gelish-nail-art-swirl

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