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Flower Nail Art


Flower Nail Art Tutorial

Flower Nail Art

Tuesday Series: Elegant

Don’t you absolutely love this flower nail art? I do! Since this is my very first nail art for my elegant tuesday series I wanted it to really impress and I feel that this nail design does just that.

I owe my inspiration for this nail art to all the nail technicians that share their nail designs with the world via the internet. I am continuously browsing through pictures of nails. I don’t know if I have ever seen these flower nails before though. I hope it is 100% original but if not no worries we are all inspired by the things we see and experience.

Try These Flower Nails Out!

After watching my flower nail art tutorial you are probably thinking that you can do it too! You are absolutely right. You can do it and I would love to see your pictures of it done on your nails. If you have any questions on how to do these flower nails, please don’t by afraid to ask. I am always ready to help.

Flower Nail Art Supplies

The supplies needed for this design are really basic. I just used three different polishes.

  1. OPI Road House Blues
  2. White Kiss Nail Art Polish
  3. Silver Glitter Kiss Nail Art Polish
  4. Dotting Tool
  5. Base & Top Coat

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