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Fizzy Nail Art

Fizzy Nail Art

Fizzy Nail Art

This fizzy nail art design is super easy to do! All you need is a base coat, two colors of polish, a dotting tool, and a top coat to finish it off.

Fizzy nails are really quick to do and the dotting of the fizzy bubbles was super easy as well. In fact I didn’t really have to put much effort into making each bubble smaller as I went up the nail. Because each time the dotting tool had less nail polish and this basically did the minimizing for me!! 🙂

Polishes Used For These Fizzy Nails

In this nail design I am using two polishes that I have just purchased. The two colors are Flying Dragon (Neon) and Platinum Silver both by China Glaze.

I thought that I would really like both of these colors but I didn’t. The color that I absolutely loved was the Platinum Silver. I have been wanting to get a metallic silver color for awhile and this one is perfect. The Flying Dragon (Neon) color looked a little dirty to me when I applied it. I think it was because of the added glitter within the polish. I might even take the color back.

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