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Fishtail Braided Accent Nail Art

Fishtail Nail Art

Fishtail Braided Accent Nail Art

Have you been noticing all of the fishtail braided nail art that has been popping up around the internet? I have and it is about time that I tried the design out on my own nails.

Most of you are probably not surprised that I did an accent nail design where the ring finger features the fishtail technique. I love doing just accent nail art.

I thought that this design would be harder than it turned out to be…which was a relief that it wasn’t as hard. I love nail art and am so happy when a design is simple to do. Feel free to do any color combination that you want. I decided to have a gold polish as the background and on all the other nails. This fall, for me, it seems that gold is my new favorite color. Is it just me? Who else is in love with gold nail polish this fall?

If you have any questions regarding how to do a fishtail braided manicure, please do not hesitate to ask using the reply form below. If you just want to comment on these nails or anything in reason, please use the form below as well. Thanks for watching my fishtail braided accent nail art video tutorial and I can’t wait to create a bunch of new designs for you to see.

One Response to Fishtail Braided Accent Nail Art

  1. Emily on September 3, 2013 at 6:20 pm

    what kind of blue is that?

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