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Election 2012 Voting Nail Art

Voting Nail Art

Election 2012 Voting Nail Art

Don’t forget to vote! This voting nail art is to help remind all those out there who have not voted that November 6, 2012 is the Presidential Election Day. We don’t recommend or endorse any candidate for president but simply urge each voter to give serious thought and study regarding who they should cast their vote for.

The design took a little bit longer than expected so please excuse me if the video moves too quickly for. If it does, please use the pause, rewind, and forward buttons to move at your own pace.

Ok, enough about why this design was made and a little bit more about how it was made. This design starts off with a usual base coat and then a coat of white is added. In this case I used 2 coats of white polish. Next comes the red and blue, just like the vote pins. When it came time to doing the letters for vote it was really simple. I just used a Sally Hansen Nail Art brush and it was pretty easy. The stars on the top and bottom are accomplished using a dotting tool.

By following the simple steps in the video you should be able to recreate this election 2012 voting nail art If you happen to have any questions on how to do voting nails, please let me know using the form below.

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