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Delicious Kiwi Nails

Delicious Kiwi Nail Art

kiwi nails
I love everything about a kiwi, from their fuzzy skin to their crunchy seeds on the inside! What I love most about the kiwi though is how pretty and symmetrical they are when you cut them open. Oh yeah, and how delicious they taste of course! When you follow this easy tutorial you too can have tasty looking Kiwi Nails!

All you need for this tutorial is:

Base Coat
Lime Green Polish
White Polish
Thin Nail Art Brush
Medium Dotting Tool
Black Polish
Small Dotting Tool
Top Coat

Step 1: apply a clear base coat to all your nails.
Step 2: apply two coats of white polish to your pointer and ring finger.
Step 3: paint your thumbnail, middle and pinky finger with lime green polish. Wait a couple minuets for the polish to dry before starting the next step.
Step 4: take your green polish brush and paint a half oval from the middle of your nail to the tip. The rounded edge of your brush will create an easy round edge for the kiwi. Let it dry before starting the next step.
Step 5: use one brush stroke with your white polish brush to make the core of the kiwi.
Step 6: use a thin nail art brush dipped in white polish or use a white striper to paint little frays coming from the core of the kiwi.
Step 7: use your small dotting tool dipped in black polish and place two tiny dots in between each fray.
Step 8: let your design dry for 15-20 minuets and then apply a fast drying top coat.
Your nails will look so delicious! Be careful not to eat them :)

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