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Christmas Ornaments Nail Art

Christmas Ornaments Nail Art

I have seen so much Christmas nail art this season and even created a few myself. Some of the most common designs that I have seen around are those of Christmas trees, Santa hats, reindeer, elves, presents, and elegant glittery designs. What I haven't seen very much of is Christmas ornament nail art and I am not sure why. So, to honor the beautiful Christmas ornaments that adorn so many trees I created this Christmas Ornaments nail art. I really hope that you enjoy it.

While thinking of how I would paint Christmas ornaments on my nails I practiced a few ideas and finally decided on a more simple design.

How To Make Decorative Christmas Ornament Nail Art?

Christmas ornaments come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and designs. The most common however is a simple glass ornament ball. They usually come in red, green, blue, silver, and white. My ornament nail design represents these but yours can be much more decorative. If you wish to make your ornaments more decorative, here are some ideas:

1. The most common way to decorate a Christmas ornament is with gold or silver decorative lines across the glass ball. Sometimes these lines create symbols, like the snowflake or a bow but they don't always. You can easily recreate these decorations on your ornament nails by taking a thin striper dipped into a gold or silver polish and making similar lines. To get some ideas of how this looks on actual ornaments you can google ornaments and you will have a bunch of inspiration.

2. Make your ornaments on your nails multi-colored. You can do horizontal stripes (I think a candy cane colored ornament would look great), diagonal stripes, wavy stripes, and so forth.

3. Make your ornaments glitter and shine. To do this you can either use a glitter polish or sprinkle glitter onto the nail.

4. I bet most of you have some homemade ornaments that go on your tree every year. These are usually the most special ornaments. How about you recreate them on your nails? I think this would be really special and uniquely personal.

5. Use a striper and write Christmas phrases onto your ornaments. For example, Ho Ho or Merry Christmas.

Share Your Christmas Ornament Nails

If you decide to do a Christmas Ornament nails design, please share them. There haven't been enough of these designs floating around online. I hope that this design will inspire some of you to do your own...there are too many lonely Christmas tree nails out there without any lights or ornaments.

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