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Christmas Elf Nail Art

Christmas Elf Nail Art

I think Santa's elves are so cute. So I decided to honor them and all they do by creating this Christmas elf nail art. I mean other than Santa the elves are probably the most important part of getting presents to kids. They truly are such an important part of Christmas. Here is a quick list of what they do all year long.

1. They make all the Christmas presents.
2. They make sure Santa's reindeer are taken care of.
3. They help Mrs. Claus with anything she needs of them.
4. They bake the gingerbread men cookies for Santa Claus and all the really good boys and girls.
5. They put up all of Santa's Christmas lights and also his beautiful Christmas tree.
6. And as a reward they eat candy canes all year long. I am not sure of this one but I know I would! :)

What Else Inspired These Elf Nails

You may have recognized this elf on my nails. Have you seen him before? If you answered yes, then you are most likely right. I was inspired to create this specific elf from the movie Elf. I hope you like it!

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