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Polka Dot Nails

Blogger Monday

I absolutely love blogger monday’s. I am a little bit of a blogger junkie and love to be inspired by bloggers. This nail art was particularly exciting for me because I love doing polka dots. Polka dot nail art is so eye catching and is actually pretty easy to do.

The blogger that inspired this nail art is Amy Wray over at The other day she posted an article featuring Lauren Conrads fall collection for kohls and one of the pieces from the collection shouted out to me.

Don’t you love this outfit?

How well do you think this Chic Polka Dot Nails replicates lauren’s outfit?

Did you love these polka dot nails?

I love to know what people think about these nails. Did you love them? Did you just like them or would you never wear them? Thanks so much for visiting my how to do polka dot nails tutorial. I love sharing my nail art with everyone via !!! I think I may have the best job in the world.

One Response to Chic Polka Dot Nails

  1. Asrai on January 20, 2013 at 1:25 am

    I LOVE THESE NAILS!!!! cant wate till i can wear them to school

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