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Chevron Gold Medal Nails

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Hi guys! This is something I created when I was frustrated and it came really good so I'm happy with it (: I only realized today that they kind of look like gold medals. No one's done this before so I hope you guys like this. Enjoy!


This is a really nice design that is perfect for any sporting event, award ceremony, or accomplishment that you have made. It is a Chevron tip design and still looks very clean and elegant with a hint of creativity.

Products Used:

Products used Gold medal nails


1) Take a striper and paint the tips of ur nails. Try to form a 90º angle. I used Essie's Bobbing for Baubles.
2)Now take a dotting tool and dip it in any nail lacquer that is gold. I used Sally Hansen's Xtreme Wear Golden-I. Place a dot where your 90º angle was formed.
3)Then take gold nail striping tape and place along the edges of the polish you just applied. Hold one end of the tape with your thumb as you pull it over your nail using your left hand. Don't worry about excess tape hanging over the edges of your nails! Once I had applied the tape to my nail, I put pressure on the very tips of the tape for security.
4) Apply a top coat to seal your design and clean off the tips with a cotton swab dipped in pure acetone.

Tutorial Photos:

Nail Tutorial

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