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Bow Tie Nail Art Tutorial

This is a really simple and quick design that anyone can do, even if you're just starting off when it comes to the wonderful world of Nail Polish. Here are the steps I took to make this design :) Happy Painting!

  1. First, I did basic procedure; I rubbed cuticle oil on my finger nails and then added a base coat. After the base coat has dried, I painted two coats of O.P.I's Thanks A Windmillion.

  2. I dripped a few drops of Confetti Nail Polish's Wedding White on to a sheet of paper.

  3. I started painting onto my ring finger. I then took a small dotting tool and made a triangle above my cuticle that points towards the center of my nail. I then made a reflection of this triangle on the same nail.

  4. Using the same color nail polish, add a vertical dotted line below your bow, this will give the effect of buttons on a dress shirt.

  5. This is where I took my China Glaze Silver Lining Nail Polish and added a small dot in the center of my two triangles. You've finished making your bow! Repeat the design on your thumb finger to complete both accent nails.

  6. Now I repeat the design I have down on my accent nails onto my index, middle, and pinkie finger! Except this time, I make my two triangles and dotted line with the China Glaze Silver Lining Nail Polish and dot the center with the white nail polish.

  7. And finally finish off with a top coat and enjoy your beautiful Bow Tie Design!

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