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About These Nails

Now, I am by no means a hockey fan. At all. I actually can't stand the sport. But I live in a hockey loving state and, with it being the Stanley Cup finals, that's pretty much all I'm hearing about. Even my little sister is a raving hockey fan. Her team is the Boston Bruins. Well, today, she asked me to do a Bruins inspired manicure. I thought it was appropriate and gave it a shot.

Now, the Bruins colors are black, white, and gold. So, I only used three polishes for this; Butter London The Full Monty, NYC French White Tip, and Sally Hansen Black Out. I used plenty of tools, though. I used dotting tools, nail art and paint brushes, toothpicks, you name it. It was a bit time-consuming but I'm fairly patient. Most of the time. Ha ha!

To be honest, I was surprised at how much I like this manicure. I hate hockey, but the Bruins have a great color scheme, ha ha! This is a fun design that you can swap for any sport or team really. All you have to do is change the colors to match your team and, of course, change the accent nails to match your sport and team logo. A chic manicure for the sport-loving girl.

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