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Black Friday Nail Art

Black Friday Nails

Black Friday Nail Art

Are you going to be waiting in line on Black Friday to get some amazing deals? If yes, then here is a nail art design that would go perfect with your waiting.

I created this design to represent black friday. I wanted the design to be as simple as possible and this is what I came up with. It isn’t anything fansy or world changing but I think it represents this day well.

First, everybody knows that the good deals come with a price and the price isn’t a high price tag. The price is getting up really early..or…never falling asleep and going to the outlet with the deal and waiting. Some people even bring a tent or a sleeping bag but waiting is a must. That is why I have a line of people in this nail design and they are just waiting. I thought about painting a tent or some people sleeping but decided it would make the design less simple.

Second, I painted on the word Friday and did it in black. Easy right?

Now instead of just waiting you can practice these black friday nails while you are waiting in line. Some easy additions that you can do with this design are adding sale prices or 50% signs above the people waiting. You can even add some logos of the most popular stores.

I hope that you enjoyed this nail art design and that this black friday you will get some incredible deals without waiting too long!

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