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9-11 Nail Art: Remember


9-11 Nail Art Tutorial

9-11 nail art

It is not always so easy to remember and it seems that humans are particularly prone to forgetting. Here at Polishpedia we decided to do this 9-11 nail art to help others remember 9-11. What is it exactly that we should remember?

We should remember:

Those who died.

Those who served selflessly.

Those who lost loved ones.

Those who are still with us.

9-11 is a tragic event that shows what happens when people stop loving each other. Hopefully that event still helps us remember to love each other.

We have attached some meanings to this 9-11 nail design.

1st: The yellow stars represent the people whose lives ended, the servicemen who served selflessly, and the people who are with us today.

2nd: The 9-11 is a little more obvious. It represents the day that the planes hit the twin towers, the pentagon, and crashed into the ground.

3rd: The blue color represents the unity of love that came as a result of so much loss.

4th: The silhouette of the twin towers and NYC are also obvious.

I hope you like my unique 9-11 nail art design.

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