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Yellow Polka Dot Bikini: China Glaze Polish

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China Glaze Polish

Product Features

  • Bright neon yellow (Yellow Polka Dot Bikini).
  • Brushes on thin.
  • China Glaze Nail Polish is a high quality nail lacquer that yields remarkable outcomes.
  • Over thirteen years of established top quality.
  • Has China Glaze clay.
  • China Glaze Clay is utilized to bring porcelain its glossy surface finish.
  • China Glaze delivers every single nail polish a wonderfully glossy finish.
  • System which is chip resistant.
  • Fast drying.
  • This nail lacquer will definitely help you achieve a durable manicure.

One Response to Yellow Polka Dot Bikini: China Glaze Polish

  1. Nikki on January 27, 2013 at 1:45 pm

    I love this nail color, you use it all of the time. I am going to my closest beauty store (Sally’s) and I will purchase it there for only 53 cents!!!

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Get your nails to pop with this neon yellow color from China Glaze. There are so many adorable color combinations with this color. Use it as a french tip on a black manicure, use it for polka dots with a pastel pink, or if you really love this color just paint your nails using just this neon yellow.