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Will Shellac last longer than 14 days?

Many women have asked if their Shellac Nails will last longer than 14 days. The answer is yes. Although it can last longer than 14 days, we recommend getting it removed and re-applied at 14 days or just a little after.

What Should You Expect After 14 Days

will shellac nails last 14 days

For most women their nails grow fast. Nails that are healthy do grow fast and this is good. However, nail growth is the reason most women get removal and reapplication at the 14 day mark. They do this because the nail has grown out and it is visible from the bottom of the shellac, on the nail, and the new nail growth.

The second reason for getting the shellac removed at the 14 day mark is for the best removal results. The adhesion of the shellac will increase the longer the Shellac is worn. By waiting more than 14 days you are in fact making it a little harder to remove the shellac. This means that the removal process will take longer.

For anymore questions regarding Shellac please leave a reply below. We do our best at providing the best answers.

One Response to Will Shellac last longer than 14 days?

  1. Liz Martyn on February 13, 2013 at 1:14 pm

    From a nail health point of view, can you continually shellac your nails without a rest from shellacing???? I prefer shellac but don’t want to harm

    my nails???

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