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Why Are There White Spots On The Natural Nail?

Are you or your clients seeing white spots after the shellac removal process?

Remember that shellac nails should always be applied by a professional who has been trained to use the product. CND guarantees two weeks of flawless wear but only when the complete system is used. The complete system includes products, training, application steps, and after care for the nails.

Why You Are Seeing White Spots?

When you see white spots on the nails after the Shellac Manicure it is most likely because of a slight dehydration of the nails.

Tips To Prevent White Spots After Shellac

First Shellac Tip:


When wearing Shellac Nails a daily application of solar oil must be applied. Daily application with solar oil will help keep the nails keep their natural moisture and flexibility.

Second Shellac Tip:

During the Shellac Removal Process you will be using an orangewood stick to remove remaining shellac. Make sure you gently scrape the nail and never use metal or hard plastic to remove shellac. By improperly doing this step you can damage the top layer of the nail causing nail damage. This nail damage can lead to an increase in nail dehydration.

Third Shellac Tip:

Nail technicians are used to applying acrylic nails. We all know that filing takes places with acrylic nails, however, with shellac nails this is not the case. Never buff the nails before shellac application. If you remove the top layer of the nail, you are weakening the nail. Without the top layer the nails will often have excess dehydration.

Fourth Shellac Tip:

Acetone is used during the Shellac removal. The Shellac Wraps need to be used. Never soak the nails in a bowl of acetone. This increased exposure to acetone is not needed and can damage the nail.

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