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Why Are My Shellac Nails Peeling Off?

Over 60,000 Women Have Asked Me This Question This Year

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I Will Help You Figure Out Why Your Shellac is Peeling Early!

Plus If You Care Enough, I’ll Even Show You How To Properly Apply Shellac Step by Step

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**Disclaimer: Although I have been doing Shellac every since it first launched back in 2010 I realize that there are factors that are beyond my control when it comes to getting Shellac to stay for the full 14 days. That being said I am confident in my abilities and knowledge with Shellac.

I have been able to help many women get a 2 week manicure from their Shellac products. I will help you with everything that I have learned and hope that you use it to get the manicure that really is amazing. I am extremely honored that so many women come to me each month to get help with their Shellac Nails peeling. We see over 3,000 women a month asking us why their Shellac is Peeling and what we can do to help. I hope this helps you like it has so many other ladies.

From: Jocelyn, DIY Nail Artist & Local Nail Guru For

  • “You too can have Shellac Nails for 2 Weeks without them peeling early!”
  • “Discover how easy it is to do Shellac Nails the right way”
  • “How I have helped 1,000s of women”
  • “Doing it right is a lot cheaper than doing it wrong over and over again!”

Were You Like Me?

Did you get Shellac Nails hoping for a 2 week manicure…but were shocked when they peeled early? I couldn’t believe it when it happened to me the first time!


Maybe you spent $30 – $50 with a “Pro” who promised two weeks… but you were disappointed when they lasted only 2 days!

At this point most women do 1 of 3 things…

1. They give up entirely on Shellac & just say that it doesn’t work for them.

2. They try it again hoping that it will work this time.

3. They get online and try to find a solution that works.

In all three scenarios 99% of the women don’t really get the result they are looking for.

Is it too much to ask for?

All we want is a 2 week manicure that doesn’t chip, peel, or bubble. Is it really possible?

Yes! Yes! Yes! & another Yes! It is and it isn’t your fault that they peeled. Shellac promised an easy 2 week manicure but the steps they teach don’t work on everyone.

That’s where I come in…

After months and months of research, buying products, testing, and interviewing nail technicians I have come up with the top 3 reasons why Shellac Peels Early! So I have the answers, my questions is…

Do You Want Your Shellac To Stop Peeling Early?

A) Yes, Please Help Me Get A 2 Week Shellac Manicure!!!

B) No, I Like Having My Shellac Nails Peels Early

I Practice What I Preach

I personally have done my own nails using these steps and many many other women’s (my friends, neighbors, family,…and people I don’t even know seem to find out that I am a nail blogger & beg me to do their nails).

Guess what?

🙂 🙂 🙂 Their Shellac Nails lasted 2 weeks and it was super easy to do. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Imagine…two weeks from today you look down at your fingers and see a beautiful manicure that was done 2 weeks ago. I know for me this is no longer a dream but a reality! I love my manicures 🙂

60,000 Women…Give Or Take A Couple Hundred

No, that isn’t how many nails I have done…but it is a good guess.

Over 60,000 women have come to me since January 1, 2015 asking me to teach them how to stop Shellac from peeling.

Why Me?

Because I am the best of course…Actually that’s not true. There are so many talented nail technicians out there that are way better than me. However, I do know what I am talking about and am very good at what I do. But the real reason why so many trust me is…

When & Why So Many Women Trust My Nail Advice

I started to become a trusted name in the industry on October 6th, 2010. That is the day I started blogging about nails. Back then nobody really knew me but they would and since then over 1 million people have. How cool is that!

*My most favorite thing is when I come across someone in my personal life who found me online and recognized me and my blog. Too cool!

My Ultimate Guide will:

  • Get You 2 Weeks Out of Your Shellac Manicure – You’ll now the tricks and steps that the real pros use to make sure the Shellac lasts 2 weeks.
  • Get You Tons of Compliments – Because your Shellac Nails will actually last the full 2 weeks, you will definitely get more compliments and I love it when people compliment my nails!
  • Give You Peace of Mind – I don’t know about you but at least for me it drove me nuts when my nails peeled. Now I have the confidence and peace of mind that my nails won’t ruin prematurely.
  • Save You Money! – I spent way too much to learn this. Now I have 3 or 4 lamps lying around my house with all sorts of nail products. My guide will save you from going through that hassle…(My husband wasn’t too excited about it)

Here’s what you get:

  • A 20 Minute Step by Step Video Guide – This guide walks you through each of the exact steps that you need to take. Not only that but I go into detail on every product I use and technique I perform. I leave nothing on the table.
  • A Complete Resource List of The Right Products To Use – Like I said before, I have spent hundreds on the wrong products and equipment. This list of the right products will save you hundreds.
  • *BONUS* A Chance To Win Some Free Nail Polish – As a way to give back to all the ladies out there that support me I give away free nail supplies. I will put you into my exclusive giveaway list for nail polish!

But First…Do You Want Your Shellac To Stop Peeling Early?

A) Yes, Please Help Me Get A 2 Week Shellac Manicure!!!

B) No, I Like Having My Shellac Nails Peels Early

33 Responses to Why Are My Shellac Nails Peeling Off?

  1. Antoinette on April 4, 2015 at 4:53 pm

    Maybe like me constant hand washing and hot water along with everyday things cleaning, cooking, the polish just gets broken down perhaps… I also wonder if its due to me naturally having hard nails and applying the hard shellac by a professional if my nails are just more prone to cracking or polish chipping due to the length they are?

  2. SOPHIE on February 2, 2015 at 1:34 pm

    I recently done my own nails in shellac and they have stayed on for over 2 weeks now but I done two other peoples and they have began to peel off I am wondering why this is when I’ve used all the correct things and the same things as I did with mine in. Just wondering why this could be.

  3. eunice on January 8, 2015 at 10:04 am

    i thought i was the only on experiencing this chipping problems of gel nail polish that starts to peel off after a day or 2 of applying it. i have a few products from epic nails base, top cots and polish and the lamp too is from epic nails. i thought this gel nail polish is meant to last. to remove this gel polish you need acetone which is very strong so i do not understand why it should not last long if your hands are in water a lot such as for people who wash there hands a lot e.g hairdressers or nurses. i mean what water verses acetone equals same effect which is chipping and pealing i do not get it acetone is much much stronger and if water causes the chipping and pealing then why do we need acetone to remove the gel completely. am a nurse and yes i wash my hands and use hand gel sanitizer but am only at work 2-3 days a week max. i do not get it why my nail polish never lasts the 4- 5days am off. some times the polish starts to chip and crack and peal the very day i do then few hours after from washing a few dishes or even after a shower its just not making sense. when i first started using gel nail polish i could not even bit it off with my teeth coz i used to bit my nails that why i started using it but and now i just use my fingers nails to peal it off my nails completely most of the time i do not even have to soak them in acetone at all. the other thing is that if you have acrylics nail extensions tips the do use a gel on top that does not chip peal or crack even when i have been at work as a nurse 5 days a week washing hands and using hand sanitizer during an 8 to 10 hour shift. could it be that the use of the acetone eventually starts to affect the effectiveness of future gel nail applications? this is because i used to go to a nail salon when this gel polish started then suddenly it stopped lasting i changed salons but problem continued hence i stopped going coz it was not cheap and not ;lasting as long and since then got my own home kit and i have a collection of different brands and some are really poor the two brands that are a bit better are from epic nails and luminail and i find that the gel nail polish with glitter in them do last a bit more a week max than the clear ones which last anywhere for a few hours after applying them. i have changed my lamp bulbs few times, applied as thin layers as possible clean my nails really well and even cure my nails a lot longer sometimes even 10minutes max still have issues
    its really frustrating.

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