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White on White: China Glaze Polish

Buy White on White China Glaze Polish

White on White China Glaze Polish

Product Features

  • White on White China Glaze Polish is a solid pure white color.
  • China Glaze Nail Polish is a superior quality nail polish that makes excellent outcomes.
  • Over thirteen years of recognized excellence.
  • Has China Glaze clay.
  • China Glaze Clay is utilized to provide porcelain its glistening surface finish.
  • China Glaze delivers each and every lacquer a wonderfully glossy finish.
  • System that is certainly chip resistant.
  • Fast drying.
  • This nail lacquer will definitely supply you with a durable manicure.

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China Glaze has come out with so many different shades of colors but there most basic remain to be some of their best. The White on White polish is a strong pure white color. Every polish addict needs a white nail polish and China Glaze's White on White is a great quality polish to fulfill this need!