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What are Shellac Nails?

Have you been hearing about Shellac Nails and are wondering what are shellac nails?

This site is dedicated to informing women about the wonder of shellac. Shellac Nails is simply wonderful. It is a manicure system that goes on like polish and lasts like gel. what-are-shellac-nails It follows the basic process of uv manicures. There are a total of four coats and each is cured under a uv lamp.

The curing process is extremely simple. After each curing the polish is dry instantly. Once the final layer is cured the manicure is hard and ready to go.

Video: What are Shellac Nails


Shellac Nails have changed the nail industry for good. The old manicures are have been improved and more women are visiting their locals salons.

what are shellac nails

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