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Turquoise & Caicos Essie Nail Polish

Buy Turquoise & Caicos Essie Nail Polish

Turquoise & Caicos Essie Nail Polish

Product Features

  • Turquoise and Caicos Essie Nail Polish is a high quality product guaranteed by professional quality for more than 31 years!
  • Essie is not simply for any woman, it really is for women that certainly care how their fingernails or toenails appear.
  • Essie has additionally been worn and also remains to be worn among the celebrities and renowned.
  • Essie Polish is fast drying.
  • Using this nail polish you may assume a durable manicure.
  • .5 oz nail polish bottle.

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This essie nail polish is a great minty turquoise color that goes on well and is long lasting. Essie's polish is rapid drying as well as chip resistant. This polish comes in a .5 oz bottle.