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Shellac Wraps

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Shellac Wraps

Avg. Price: $90 – $120

Product Features

  • The Shellac Wraps are specifically designed to provide the best results in the Shellac removal process. The wraps fit nicely and comfortably around each finger.
  • The CND Shellac Removal Wraps minimize skin contact with acetone.
  • If you are a professional nail technician, these wraps will help speed up your removal process and clients love it when they don’t have to spend too much time in the salon.
  • These wraps come in packages of 10 and 100.

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Do you need to remove Shellac from your nails? These CND wraps are really easy to use and they help maintain the health of your natural nails. You can buy CND wraps in packages of 10 or 100. Remember not to ever pick off your Shellac Nails, there is an easier way!