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Shellac With Nail Art Foil


Nail Foil is my new favorite thing! It’s so easy and the color combinations are endless. I ordered my nail art foil from They do require a minimum order but that’s okay because you’re going to want the foil in every color after trying it.

Here are some of the ones that I’ve done. Purple Purple with Imperial Iris foil, Tropix with Iced Coral and Hotski to Tchotchke with Gold foil, Hotski to Tchotchke with Pacific Blue foil, and Wild Chillis with Gold foil.

Nail Foil Video With Shellac


Nail Foil Steps

1. Prep the nail, base coat, and cure for 10 seconds.
2. Apply one coat of color, I’m using black pool. Cure two minutes.
3.  Apply a second coat of color.   Cure two minutes.
4. Now you’re ready for foil. The foils come in these little tubes.  Cut off a piece to use, for all 10 nails you’ll need about two or three inches, depending on how much coverage you want.
5. Dab the foil strip with the shiny side up onto the nail and quickly pull it off.  The foil will stick to the tacky layer of the shellac.
6. Repeat with different colors or the same color all over the nail for more full coverage.
7.  Finish with top coat, cure for two minutes.
8. Remove the sticky with alcohol and finish with Solar Oil.

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