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Shellac Top Coat

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Shellac Top Coat

Avg. Price: $8 – $12

Product Features

  • The Shellac Top Coat is a very important part of the complete Shellac system. This layer of product goes on at the very end. It should go on thin and smooth and it will be cured for 2 minutes.
  • The CND Shellac Top Coat is to seal all the other Shellac layers.
  • This top layer will insure that the Shellac is durable against peeling, cracks, chips, or smudging.
  • Not only does CND’s top coat help it last but it also gives Shellac Nails their wet like look.

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Finish off the Shellac manicure with a layer of Shellac Top Coat. This coat goes on smoothly and once cured it acts as a barrier between the elements and the Shellac manicure. It even gives Shellac a wet/mirror like finish.