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Shellac Safety

Lately there has been some concerns about the safety of gel polishes.  The main concerns seem to be the ingredients used as well as the UV rays from the lamp. I’m going to talk specifically about Shellac safety because that is the product that I know about.

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Shellac was in development and testing for over five years before it was released. 

Shellac Ingredient Safety

The ingredients in it are safe, they don’t soak into your nails.  The molecules sit right on top of the nail so it’s not entering into the bloodstream and it’s not touching your skin, so this is safe. 

Shellac UV Lamp Safety

shellac safety
As far as the safety of the UV light that is definitely a legitimate concern.  I actually  have two clients that have previously had skin cancer so this was a concern that was brought up and I’m happy to address it. 

The amount of UV light that you are exposed to while getting your Shellac nails done is about the same as 20 seconds of actual sunlight, or walking to your car every day.  It’s a very minimal amount of light that you’re being exposed to.  The UVB rays or the more harmful rays are filtered out in the CND lights so that shouldn’t be a concern. 

If you’re still concerned about the light you can either put sunblock on your hands or put a towel over them so that the rays are not penetrating the skin. 

I hope this helps, if you have questions feel free to post comments below and I’ll give as much information as I can!

Author Bio

Emily currently offers nail services from her Eagle Mountain Salon in Utah.

*Emily is not a CND representative but is a professional nail technician that offers Shellac to her clients on a regular basis.

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