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Shellac Nail Polish Kit

Shellac is a high end product made for women who care about beauty and are looking to spend good money taking care of their nails. When buying supplies for Shellac Manicures and Pedicures it is a big investment, but with the right tools, your salon will be bringing in more return clients with rave reviews! Below is a list of supplies you will need to offer Shellac in your Salon.

List For Your Shellac Nail Polish Kit

  1. A nail file. CND recommends the Kangaâ„¢ File (50pk) – $40
  2. Cuticle Remover. CND recommends the CuticleAway – $2.90
  3. Cuticle Pusher: We recommend the Mehaz-Pusher/Curette – $25.89
  4. Nail Cleanser: CND recommends the ScrubFresh – $10.00
  5. Lint Free Pads. We recommend the IBD Nail Wipes- Lint Free 80ct – $3.31
  6. Brushes. We recommend the MASH Professional 15 piece Nail Art Brush Kit Set – $7.99
  7. Shellac UV Base Coat. Shellac UV Base Coat $14.00
  8. Shellac UV Colors. Shellac Rack A- $150
  9. Shellac UV Colors. Shellac Rack B- $155
  10. CND Shellac UV Lamp. UV Lamp – $150
  11. Shellac UV top Coat. UV Top Coat – $14.00
  12. 99% Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA). For Pro 99% Isopropyl Alcohol 32 oz. – $10.00
  13. Solar Oil. CND recommends the Solar Oil – $15.00
  14. Total: $598

Other Things To Know Before Getting Started

Remember to always have white Cream Puff on hand for Shellac French Manicures and Pedicures.

Supplies for Shellac removal: Shellac Remover Wraps, Pure Acetone, and Orange Wood Sticks. I like to use a 4 sided buffer to smooth the nail before applying more Shellac.

After buying all the supplies for applying and removing Shellac you will end up spending around $600.


To cushion the initial investment, CND gives great advice on how to make your money back fast. Since Shellac isn’t like any other manicure or pedicure you must charge 50% more than a basic manicure or pedicure. So your prices should be close to $30-$45 for a Shellac Manicure and around $45-$55 for a Shellac Pedicure. At the end of each session, remind your clients to come back in two weeks for a removal and re- Shellac. There is nothing your clients will want more at the end of their two weeks than to come back and get another fabulous coat of Shellac on their nails. At these prices I would say that Shellac is one of the best investments your salon can make.

Buy your Shellac items now and start building a higher quality cliental. When a woman keeps up her nails, she will always feel more beautiful!

Shellac Kit

Shellac Nail Polish Kit Shellac Kit Kit

If you have any questions on how shellac works, please don’t hesitate to browse through our website. All of the tutorial articles and videos are free for your use. We hope you love your shellac nail polish kit.

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